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About T.J.W. Management Company, Inc.

T.J.W. Management Company's primary purpose is to provide quality community association management services on a sound and profitable basis, for a limited number of customers. We intend to maintain our position as a market leader by understanding and then satisfying our customer's needs and providing exemplary service and quality, utilizing current technology to continually enhance our leadership position in the delivery of quality to our customers.  We will at all times conduct ourselves with integrity and seek to balance the satisfaction of the needs of our customers, employees, owners, suppliers and the community.  We offer a full list of services to the Timeshare, Resort Condo, Condominium, and Homeowner Associations in the area.  

Services Available

T.J.W. will provide all services necessary to run a Condominium, or HOA.  These services can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Operation of a front desk for check-in and check-out and guest services.
  2. All housekeeping, maid and maintenance services for the grounds and units.
  3. Control of all management tasks and all personnel, including hiring and compensation and employee services.
  4. Recruitment and training of quality employees.
  5. Preparation of comprehensive job descriptions.
  6. Security - Unit, parking, amenities.
  7. Maintain administrative, Association, and owners' records.
  8. Detailed computer reports as required by the State of Florida.
  9. Detailed computer reports and printouts and analysis for Board of Directors, to aid in decisions and policies.

T.J.W.'s goal is SATISFACTION.  Satisfaction of the individual owners and Satisfaction of their Association and to provide excellent Customer Service.

T.J.W. currently manages 12 Associations which include 4 Timeshare Resorts, 9 Condominiums and 3 Homeowner Associations, with 15 licensed CAM's (Community Association Managers) which are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced.  We also have almost 100 full and part-time employees.